We care for your health

Pharma Peter GmbH based in Hamburg, has been a family-owned company for the last 86 years. It has been producing as well as selling a range of valuable and balanced health supporting products for various areas of application.

With our pharmaceutical and nutritional expertise, we are at your side as a partner offering high quality nutraceuticals, food supplements, OTCpharmaceuticals, medical products and cosmetics.

Our products are based on scientific research as well as of certified quality. The greatest care is given for your health and wellbeing.

Independently tested and certified.

We put the utmost importance on scientific backing of our high-quality product range. Our team of health experts, scientists and doctors therefore continuously sift through and evaluate international studies. Hence, we can be on the forefront of the latest international health and nutritional development.

Our company is certified to the very strict standards of the German Institute for Health Research.

We are an International Features Standart (IFS) certified company. IFS stands for the international standard for food safety. We are regularly audited and certified according to IFS by independent, recognised auditors.

All raw materials purchased are of the highest quality available and double checked in our own laboratory.

For each product that leaves our company, we guarantee, that the utmost care has been given into maintaining the high standards our customers, doctors and pharmacists have become accustomed to.

Innovation and future development

The Pharma Peter group thrives on innovation and development. Hence the development of new products always goes in conjunction with independent external nutritional experts as well as food research institutes. This ensures staying ahead of today.

The present and the future

Our group of companies is an owner-managed, modern company with a lot of OTC expertise. We cultivate flat hierarchies and open constructive communication.

Our young, creative, and highly motivated employees recognise market trends early and are quick to develop new product ideas within the OTC market. We cultivate a flat corporate hierarchy to enable our employees a high degree of creative freedom and personal responsibility. Our corporate culture is based on mutual appreciation, close interdepartmental corporation, transparency, humour and enthusiasm for the individual assignments.

At present, there are about 50 employees working in the areas of production, quality management, laboratory, regulatory affairs, product development, marketing, sales, logistics, purchasing, graphics, controlling, administration and shipping. Due to our inhouse production lines, we are able to develop, manufacture and quality control very fast.

The Pharma Peter group has grown considerably over the past years, and we are keen to keep this momentum going.

Our Product Range

With our range of products, we cover Nutraceuticals as well as a range of OTC Pharmaceuticals. Complemented by our delicious Salmix® liquorice manufactured in its separate, upstate location.

  • Over the counter pharmaceuticals
  • Medicinal products
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Supplementary balanced diets
  • Foodstuffs (confectionery)
  • Cosmetics


In 1936 Pharma Peter was founded in Berlin, by Mr. Herbert Peter as a company distributing pharmacy supplies. Originally the company’s business partners were pharmacies and pharmaceutical wholesalers. After the second world war, Mr Herbert Peter continued running the company by himself. In 1962 his son Mr. Michael N. Peter joined Pharma Peter and helped the company grow and expand.

In 1980, Mr. Herbert Peter retired from the company due to old age.

In 1982, the subsidiary Canea Pharma, Chemisch-Pharmazeutische Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH was founded. All sales activities were to be coordinated here. The company’s own production lines were set up, now operating under its own name, Pharma Peter EU. The company grew rapidly needing more space. This was realised in early 2000 by moving the companies to a new and significantly larger building at Tarpenring 12 in Hamburg, Langenhorn. Finally, there was enough space to accommodate the rapidly growing production lines, plus offices, plus dispatch lines including its own vehicles.

In 1999 the company expanded again, Velag Pharma GmbH, a further subsidiary was founded. It serves exclusively the pharmaceutical wholesale and export business.

In 2007 Salmix®, a liquorish manufacturing company became the latest acquisition by Michael N Peter. The production site for these traditionally, hand crafted liquorish delicacies is a modern building in Sievershütten, Schleswig Holstein which since was expanded and the manufacturing process somewhat modernized.

In 2014 Mr. Peter-Michael Thom, a very experienced pharmaceutical businessman acquired the group of companies. Always advancing, the Pharma Peter Group has become a leading manufacturer of health products sold in Pharmacies, online and on site. The newly acquired in-house capsulation process advanced the flexible and efficient ways new products can reach the market.

In 2019 Tithon Pharma GmbH was founded. Newly developed specialised lifestyle products have found their own home here.