Tanaka Tree Bark for anti-aging Skin Care

Fountain of youth –timelessly beautiful skin

Traditionally the finely ground bark of the Tanaka Tree has been mixed into a paste and applied for skin care in faraway Myanmar. This natural paste was noted to protect the skin from damaging UV rays, it cleans skin from impurities and antagonises the natural anti-ageing process.

The 5-fold effect for timelessly beautiful skin

  • Skin tightening
  • Prevents moisture loss
  • With natural UV filter
  • Prevention of acne and skin diseases
  • Clarifying and refining the skin's appearance


Optimal for face and neck area.


Suitable for sensitive and combination skin that is also prone to redness and oily shine.


Cools, soothes the skin, moisturises.


prevents blemishes, restores skin to its natural balance, anti-aging formula visibly reduces wrinkles, builds collagen fibres.