STERIMED – Skin and Hand disinfectant

Disinfectant contains 2-propanol 70% (V/V)

Areas of Application of STERIMED:

  • Hygienic and surgical hand disinfection
  • Skin disinfection before simple injections and punctures of peripheral vessels
  • Skin disinfection before operations or prior to a joint puncture
  • Disinfection of sebaceous gland rich skin
  • Cooling wrap

Range of effects:

  • Bactericide (incl. MRSA)
  • Tuberculocide
  • Fungicide (C. albicans)/ levurozid
  • Virus inactivating (limited virucidal)
  • Effective against non-enveloped viruses (noro, rotavirus)

How to apply:

For hygienic hand disinfection, apply the solution and rub your hands for at least 30 seconds. Ensure, that the hands keep moist for the entire time.

For a cold wrap dilute Sterimed with an equal part of water.

Sterimed Active substance: -2-propanol. Application: Hygienic and surgical hand disinfection, skin disinfection before simple injections and punctures of peripheral vessels, skin disinfection before operations and before puncturing a joint, disinfection of sebum-rich skin; cool wrap. Warning: Easily inflammable! Keep away from sources of ignition. Store tightly closed. In case of spillage take immediate action to protect from possible fire or explosion. Suitable measures should include removing the spillage or diluting it with water. Ventilating the room and removing sources of ignition

Consult your doctor or pharmacist for possible risks or side effects
500ml (PZN 00384035)