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SALMIX®unique designer liquorice

Pure pleasure. Top quality liquorice SALMIX® candy are a living tradition, the popular SALMIX® lozenges have been enchanting since 1949. Which kid hasn’t tried licking the diamond shaped ‘Salmis’ off the back of the hand? Always a treat - Hmmmmm

Liquorice passion handmade

In our SALMIX® manufactory in Sievershütten the delicious liquorice lozenges, liquorice sticks and traditional salmiak pastilles are produced. The hands-on manufacturing processes, the know-how and many years of experience make these SALMIX® products unique. Unusual or more modern varieties include our sugar-free, chilli flavoured, in a crispy shell, ground as a spice for your creative cooking or vegan varieties for those who prefer to be more adventurous.

How do we achieve the unusual SALMIX® taste? Selected raw materials from controlled cultivation areas are the basis. The recipe is a well-kept family secret and has never been changed. Only a few select SALMIX® experts know the exact composition. Best ingredients guarantee best familiar taste.

Salmix® pastilles are cult.

These are for those with a sweet tooth: Do you already know our crunchy dragées or the SALMIX® bars smothered in a whole milk chocolate coating or in a yummy dark chocolate coating? Also try the delicious white chocolate dragées, they are brand new.


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