Silica + Biotin

Healthy skin, beautiful hair, strong nails and connective tissue

Silica + Biotin is a unique blend of nutrients, offering a rich source of silica, great to promote healthy hair, skin and nails. As a tasty powder or incapsulated, this special, comprehensive combination of vital substances based on nutritional science is at your convenience.

Available in a capsule or highly soluble powder

  • Natural Bavarian silica
  • Biotin, the water-soluble Vitamin B7
  • Calcium for cell differentiation
  • Vitamin C to promote collagen formation
  • Provides vitamins D³ for cellular health
  • Gluten-free, Lactose -free, Soy-free

Important nutrients for skin, hair and nails.

Biotin – or Vitamin H- commonly known as the beauty vitamin as its metabolic action helps promote beautiful skin and hair. If lacking, the skin might lose its healthy glow and brittle, or scanty hair might become obvious.

Calcium is vital to maintain normal bone structure also important for constant cell regeneration. Having a sufficient calcium intake is vitally important for physical well-being.

Vitamin D3- or Sun Vitamin - has many potential benefits. It is essential for many reasons, including maintaining healthy bones as it promotes calcium absorption. During summer month, the body will metabolise its own Vitamin D if exposed to sufficient sunshine. Since the application of sunscreen, or seasonal lack of sunshine will reduce the body’s capabilities to produce sufficient Vitamin D it is wise to supplement.

Silica + Biotin 60 capsules

2 capsules contain

Silica 320 mg **
therein silicon 130 mg **
Biotin 125 μg 250 %*
Calcium 120 mg 15 %*
Vitamin D3 10 μg 200 %*

*Reference quantity according to LMIV
. **No reference quantity available

Directions for use:

Take 1 capsule2 times a day with sufficient liquid.
Do not chew.

Silica powder 250g

1 measuring spoon (6g) contain:

Silica 1,2g **
therein silicon 488 mg **
Biotin 50 μg 100 %*
Calcium 320 mg 40 %*
Vitamin D3 1,4 μg 28 %*

* % recommended reference quantity
** No reference quantity available

Directions for use:

Stir 1 measuring spoon (6 g) of silica plus biotin powder into liquid (e.g., fruit juice or similar) once a day and drink immediately. The powder can also be added to a yoghurt or your breakfast bowl.

For long lasting beautiful Hair, Skin and Nails, the silica cure

To ensure long term benefits, Silica+Biotin capsules should ideally be taken on a regular basis for 3-6 month.


Silica + Biotin Powder may have a laxative effect if consumed in excess. In case of kidney disease, kidney or bladder stones, consult your doctor before consumption. Do not exceed the recommended daily intake.

60 Capsules (PZN 08869677)
250 g Powder (PZN 08869660)