Canea Collagen Powder Beauty Pure:
Radiantly beautiful with 100% collagen hydrolysate from pasture-raised animals.

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Dive into the world of natural beauty with our high-quality Canea collagen hydrolsate powder with collagen peptides. Make Canea Collagen Beauty Pur an essential part of your daily routine. Collagen Beauty Pur is specially formulated for women who want to maintain and preserve their beauty. Experience the power of collagen peptides today.

  • tested for harmful substances and bottled in Germany in HACCP-certified facilities
  • without sweeteners, without sugar, without colorants
  • lactose-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, halal

What are collagen peptides?

Collagen peptides are smaller fragments derived from collagen. As a result, they are better absorbed by the body and are more easily distributed in the organism. Thus, collagen is, so to speak, the building material of skin and connective tissue, which is responsible for strength and elasticity.

In adulthood, collagen formation unfortunately decreases by about 1.5% every year. As a result, collagen levels continue to decrease with age, which can lead to fine lines, wrinkles, and a loss of skin firmness and cellulite. Collagen is important for natural beauty.

This is what makes Canea Collagen Beauty Pur special:

Pure, bioactive collagen hydrolysate

Bioactive collagen hydrolysate for optimal absorption in the organism.

The collagen hydrolysate in Canea Collagen Beauty Pur is a highly digestible and well bioavailable protein. In the human digestive tract, it is further broken down into smaller peptides or even free amino acids that can be easily absorbed by the human intestine. The human digestive system has its own enzymes that break down collagen into smaller fragments.

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High bioavailability due to optimal peptide profile

Due to enzymatic cleavage, the collagen peptides in Canea Collagen Beauty Pur have a size of approx. 2-3 kDa, which can be optimally absorbed in the body by the intestinal mucosa. Therefore, the peptides in Collagen Beauty Pur are better absorbed than products with a large molecular weight. Studies have shown that as early as 15-30 minutes after ingestion, the collagen-specific amino acids hydroxyproline, proline,and glycine can be detected in the blood. According to scientific data, the total digestion and absorption of animal protein in the form of collagen peptides is 95-100%.

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Excellent solubility without clumping

Excellent dissolution:

Our Collagen Beauty Pur dissolves completely in water in just one minute, with no lumps or residue. This allows you to enjoy your daily intake effortlessly.

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Neutral taste and odor

Tasteless and odorless:

We understand how important it is that your beauty ritual is also a pleasure. Our collagen powder is tasteless, so you can mix it into your favorite drinks, cereals, or smoothies with no fuss.

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Protein type I and III

Focused on the essentials with type I and III:

The unique premium powder is particularly rich in the high-quality type I collagen peptides and also contains type III peptides.

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From cattle raised on pasture with certified grass feeding.

Origin from certified grass-fed:

Our collagen comes from certified pasture-raised, grass-fed animals. We emphasize sustainable sourcing to provide you with the highest quality and ethical awareness.

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Without additives, 100% natural, pharmacy quality.

No additives, 100% natural; pharmacy quality.

Our collagen powder meets the highest pharmacy standards to ensure you receive a product of outstanding quality. The powder is gluten-free, dairy-free, lactose-free, halal, as well as free of other additives such as sugar, sweeteners and colorings.

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