Curmin forte Micelles Capsules

Only 2 soft capsules a day

The ingredients of the Curcuma spice have it all! Extracted and presented in a soft gel capsule, the potent polyphenol curcumin, the so called curcuminoids- in form of NovaSOL Curmin has been combined with the vitamins C +D. Vitamin C helps protect body cells from oxidative stress, free radical damage and helps with cell repair. To ensure optimal availability of Curmin, it is wise to offer it to the body in form of a concentrate, conveniently sealed in an easy to swallow gel capsule.

Liquid curcuma extract in NovaSOL quality

  • 185 times increased bioavailability - absorption enhanced due to micellar technology*.
  • Contains curcumin- ginger
  • High-quality organic ingredience
  • Contains valuable secondary plant substances from the tropical perennial curcuma ginger plant
  • Very well tolerated by the stomach

*The Latin term "mica", which means small lump, is the basis for the term Micelles. A fat-loving substance is encased in a water-based shell that serves as a "nutrient taxi". This not only enables undamaged transport through the entire digestive system, but also makes even poorly soluble substances easily absorbable. Valuable substances can be individually dosed and are presented to the body in enhanced bioavailability.

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