BIOTIN H FORTE – the secret of beauty

  • for shiny and healthy hair
  • for smooth and healthy skin

Brittle and dull hair, as well as skin problems may be caused by a Vitamin H (Biotin) deficiency. A check-up could provide clarity.

Especially after taking a series of Antibiotics, gut digestion might prove to be insufficient - hence the body will not be provided with all the necessary micronutrients. Not properly digesting oats, nuts or generally not eating sufficient vegetables may lead to a Vitamin H (= Biotin) deficiency.

BIOTIN H Forte with 10mg – has been tried and tested for years when it comes to Biotin deficiency. Biotin H Forte is highly concentrated. With one single tablet of Biotin H Forte (=Vitamin H) your body is supplemented with a generous, high dose of pharmaceutical grade biotin.

Due to the pre-cut notch each tablet offers, it is easy to adjust to the daily recommended dosage. The general recommendation of 2.5mg (i.e., a quarter tablet) or 5mg (i.e., half a tablet) refers to an intended curative as well as a preventative supplementation.

Proper supplementation with BIOTIN H FORTE (i.e. 10mg for 3-4 weeks) has been reported to lead to more shiny, healthy hair and beautiful skin.
BIOTIN H FORTE 10mg is available in packets of 20 or 40 tablets per packet, or in a tin containing 120 tablets – sufficient for 480 days (Available in Pharmacies only)

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BIOTIN H FORTE 10mg Vitamin supplement. Indication: Prevention and treatment of a biotin deficiency and in the rare case of biotin-dependant multiple carboxylase deficiency. (In case of intended prevention, the daily intake of 0,2mg may suffice). Treatment of biotin deficiency in the very rare biotin-dependent multiple carboxylase deficiency. Keep out of the reach of children!

Consult your doctor or pharmacist for possible risks or side effects.

Distributor: Canea Pharma GmbH, Hamburg