Arthrosamin® Collagen Powder COMPLEX

Exercise combined with a healthy diet is good for you. Daily exercise promotes joint health by stimulating cartilage metabolism and joint lubrication. Important micronutrients have to find their way to exactly where they are needed i.e., in all joints. It is eminent, that the body is provided with the right Vitamins, Minerals, Trace elements and secondary plant substances so that valuable joint lubricants can be synthesized locally.

Arthrosamin® Collagen Powder COMPLEX contains 5 high-quality ingredients:

  • Bioactive glucosamine
  • Over 50% high quality collagen peptides (protein**)
  • Water-soluble curcumin
  • Vitamin C*
  • Natural orange flavour

*Vitamin C contributes to healthy collagen and bone structure built up and function
** Protein contributes to the maintenance of muscle mass and strong bones


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